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Battery LG300S1C Mono X Plus 300W, 4BB, Mono

Factory ID: tmc0005315
Solar battery LG Neon ™ 2 Black was developed after adjusting for aesthetics and a short distance seems completely black. The product can increase the value of the property with a modern design. Compared to previous models, panel LG Neon ™ 2 Black designed with significantly greater efficiency of the module that allows you to have a larger rated power solar installation even in confined spaces. With the newly reinforced frame design, LG has expanded warranty on LG Neon ™ 2 Black for extra 2 years. Furthermore, LG Neon ™ Black 2 can withstand the load on the front side to 6000 Pa, and at the rear to 5400 Pa

Specifications Type:. Microcrystalline Mono X® Plus 4VV
maximum power Pmax : 300W
maximum output voltage Vmp: 31.7V
current maximum power Imp: 9.47A
voltage Voc open circuit: 38.9V
short circuit current Isc: 10.07A
The maximum system voltage: 1000V (IEC)
Efficiency: 17.5%, 175W / m2
emperaturny coefficient Isc = + 0,03% / C
Temperature coefficient Voc = - 0,30% / C
temperature coefficient Pmax = - 0,41% / C
Physical x
of characteristic elements: 60 x 6 '' cells
Coating: tempered glass with an antireflection coating
frame: anodized aluminum
type connectors: MC4
Size (HWD): 1686h1016h40
mm Weight 18.0 kg load
- front - 6000 Pa
- wind - 5400 Pa
1 year 98.0% of Pmax , 25 years, 84.8% of Pmax120
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