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Battery Solar KV 260W/24V mono

Factory ID: tmc0005519
Photovoltaic production of PJSC "Quasar" modules meet European standards of quality, which allows us to guarantee a high level of production of solar electricity for our customers for over 25 years.

For this the company Quasar uses highly efficient photovoltaic cells made of mono- and multicrystalline silicon own certified production.

a comprehensive testing system and testing, and positive sorting modules in power? our customers' trust in our products for over 10 years.
Features and benefits:
High-quality silicon own production
Reinforced anodised aluminum profile
Toughened safety glass 4 mm thick
Completing the European Union and the United States
< br /> The positive sorting capacity W 0 + 5
class tester: A
Testing method of electroluminescence
quality to guarantee 10 years
quality Standards

Modules production of PJSC "Quasar" are certified and meet European standards of quality and electrical safety IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1, IEC 61730-2, which is confirmed by the certification center VDE (Germany) № 40027689.

The system modules production quality management meets the requirements of the European standard ISO 9001-2008 and confirmed by certificates recognized certification center . Bureau Veritas and TUF Rheinland

All data are given for the standard measurement conditions: radiation power = 1000 W / m2; thickness atmosphere = AM 1,5; . T = 25 ° C

Module Type: KV-260 M
Rated power W - 260
load voltage, V - 37.7 V Short
circuit A - 9,1
voltage at maximum power, B - 30,4
current at maximum power, A - 8,55
Operating voltage (Vm) 24V
maximum system voltage, V - 1000
module Technology - glass - EVA polymer film
Frame - anodized aluminum
Size mm - 1640h992h40
Frontal cover - tempered glass with high light transmittance, 3.2 mm
The rear cover - polymer film
type FEP - monokrista llicheskie 60 pcs.
FEP Size - 156 mm x 156 mm
Weight - 19
Guarantee: 12 years on power provided by not less than 90%; 25 years is not less than 80%
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Electric power, W 260
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