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Battery Solar JinkoSolar JKM295 mono

Factory ID: tmc0006587
Monocrystalline solar battery Jinko Solar JKM295M-60 from one of the largest and most advanced Chinese manufacturers Jinko Solar designed to convert solar energy into electrical energy that can be used in household and industrial purposes. The solar battery has a rated power 295Vt maximum panel voltage is 30.9V.
photomodule solar panel Jinko Solar JKM295M-60 are made from high-quality single-crystal silicon thereby has a sufficiently high efficiency conversion of solar energy into electrical energy (18.02%) and high service life (25 years). It has the versatility in use, and efficient work under low light. Battery Jinko Solar JKM295M-60 has an excellent combination of affordable prices for solar cells and time-tested quality. It can be used both in domestic and in industrial applications to provide an autonomous power supply and a backup electric power consumers

Advantages Jinko Solar JKM295M-60 solar panel

use of high quality single crystal silicon.;
high efficiency conversion of solar energy into electrical energy (up to 18.02%).
reliable and durable frame of anodized aluminum.
Long life, at least 25 years.
solar Characteristics battery:

Key Features
Manufact Tel Jinko Solar

Made in China
Panel type single crystal
Material module Amorphous silicon
Frame Material Aluminum
Power 295.0 (W)
current at maximum power 9.11 (A)
voltage at maximum power 32.4 (B)
9.61 short circuit current (A)
39.7 circuit voltage (V)
Cardinality 60.0 ( pcs.)
-40.0 Minimum operating temperature (deg.)
85.0 Maximum operating temperature (deg.)
degree of protection IP 67
efficiency of at least 18.02 (%)

The warranty period of 60 (months)
Overall posted EASURES
19.0 Weight (kg)
1650.0 Length (mm)
992.0 Width (mm)
40.0 Thickness (mm)
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