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Factory ID: tmc0006509
Solar PV modules JA SOLAR made of high-performance single crystal silicon which ensures high efficiency and productivity of the solar panel.
In the manufacture of solar panels used JA SOLAR photomodule high quality grade Grade A. This category during manufacture photo module nedopuskaet even minor defects.
Company JA sOLAR enters the top 5 leading manufacturers of solar PV modules in the world. A characteristic feature is the lack of solar PV modules defect PID (Potential induced degradation).
essence defect is the presence of stray currents that accelerate the process of destruction photo module, with such a defect does not produce solar photomodule claimed nameplate capacity data. At current, there are only a few manufacturers of solar panels where there is no PID defect.
Solar PV modules pass duplex printing process that eliminates defects in the structure of the solar cell.
In the process of manufacturing a solar photo module may be a positive power supply (0 ~ 3%). This means that you are guaranteed to pay for the actual power of solar photo module, rated power solar photo module may not be lower than the declared, but on the contrary it can be more powerful than the 3%.
Sunny photomodule JAM6 (L) 60-290 / PR is made of high-performance single crystal silicon, the efficiency of which is 20.3% active time of such index is the highest in the market solar PV modules. A characteristic feature of the solar panels AM6 (L) 60-290 / PR 4 is a current-relieving track. This technology increases the performance life of the solar photovoltaics.
Tempered glass protects the photo module from mechanical damage. Highly anodized profile with drainage holes, prevents the deformation photomodule in extreme conditions.

Model - AM6 (L) 60-290 / PR
Type - Monocrystal
Power - 290 W
Voltage - 32.07 In < br /> Rated current - 9.11 a
the open circuit voltage - 39.46 in
current open circuit - 9.56 a
efficiency - 20.3%
maximum DC voltage - 1000V
Operating temperature range - (-40 ~ + 85 ° C)
protection - IR67
Tolerance - 0 ~ 5 W
maximum mechanical load - 5400 PA
Dimensions - 1650h991h40 mm
Weight - 18.2 kg
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