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Factory ID: tmc0006469
Amerisolar AS-6P30 275W - a new line of photo modules from the company manufacturer Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd.
The polycrystalline module manufactured according to the new placement technology pantographs 4BB (4 Bus Bar). This technology can increase the production of photo-module on hot days, at high temperature of elements of the solar panel due to more frequent placement of current-carrying tire.
By increasing the quantity of tires and reducing their size reduces the load on the silicon cell, such as wind or snow impact or blows. This reduces the probability of formation of hot spots and microcracks on the photocell.
This is 15% reduced load on a cell as compared to solar cells 3 with tires (3VV) and 25% of 2-cell bus (2VV).
Now, with the introduction of technology 4BB manufacturer extended warranty on the generated power up to 30 years. The projected deterioration of polycrystalline panels Amerisolar AS-6P30 275W over 30 years will amount to no more than 20%. What is the leading figure among the market of photo-module
The main advantages of solar modules Amerisolar AS-6P30:.
Made from high-quality components JA SOLAR
guarantee for the issuance of at least 80% power for 30 years < br /> 12-year product warranty
Sturdy aluminum frame 40mm reliably withstand wind loads up to 2400 Pa and snow loads up to 5400 Pa
The best quality / price ratio among the competitors.
type polysilicon
maximum power Pmax 275 W
voltage ma ksimalnoy power Vmp 31.3 V
current maximum power Imp 8.79 A
open circuit voltage Voc 38.5 V
short-circuit current Isc 9.2 A
maximum system voltage 1000 V IEC
Efficiency 169 V / m2 16.9%
Temperature coefficient Isc + 0.05% / C
Temperature coefficient Voc -0.310% / C
temperature coefficient Pmax -0.410% / C
elements 6 x 60
coating tempered glass with anti-reflective coating
anodized aluminum frame
type connectors MC4
Certification / IEC61215, IEC61730, IEC62716, IEC61701, UL1703, CE, ETL (USA), JET (Japan ), J-PEC (Japan), MCS (UK), CEC (Australia), FSEC (FL-USA), CSI Eligible (CA-USA), Is rael Electric (Israel), Kemco (South Korea), InMetro (Brazil), TSE (Turkey)
ISO9001: 2008: Quality management system
ISO14001: 2004: Environmental management system
OHSAS18001: 2007 : Occupational health and safety management system
Weight 18.5 kg
Height 1640 mm Width 992

mm depth 40 mm
Guarantee 12 / 91.2% of Pmax < br /> 30 / 80.6% of Pmax
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