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Every year natural gas deposits is constantly decreasing, and energy means increase. We need a new vision of energy supply. New methods for producing thermal energy require means for accumulation and storage of heat. An important element in this account for accumulative tanks. After separation of the energy producing and its consumption can be optimally and safely operate the heating boilers for solid fuel, solar heating, electric boilers (using multirate counters), heat pumps and other.

Accumulation tanks are designed to accumulate, store and transmit an excessive amount heat generated from various heat sources nepostoyanngo action, namely: solid fuel boilers, solar heaters, electric boilers, which are used at night, heat pumps, and more. Accumulation tanks or buffer ensure safe operation of heating systems by accumulating or heat output, produced as a result of mismatch of thermal energy quantity received from the heat source to the consumption of the heating system. The maximum working pressure of the tank is 3 kgf / cm2

Brief description of the tank:.

Accumulation tanks are made of black steel sheet

insulation is made of soft. 100mm thick polyurethane foam.

sheathing is made of artificial leather (leatherette). Paneling is available red and blue colors. All output connections are internal screw

Tank with two integrated heat exchangers made of black steel

• the ability to connect to different sources energy;
• the function of the hydraulic arrows
• can be used in an open or closed system;
• the possibility of providing the inertia and uncontrollable processes;
• connection with the heat consumers or other type of pressure coolant;
• integrated heat exchanger for solar collectors
• on presence of two heat exchangers in various temperature zones tank
can distribute power efficiently between the three hydraulically separated systems


The volume of the tank - 3000 l < br /> The area of ​​the heat exchanger (top / bottom) - 2.6 / 4.4 sq.m.
diameter insulated - 1600mm Overall height
legged - 2400 mm
capacity - 2982 dm3, ± 5%
area heat exchanger VO - 2.5 m2 capacity heat exchanger
VO - 15 dm3, ± 3%
area heat exchanger HO - 5.7 m2 capacity
HO exchanger - 33 dm3, ± 3%
Engine e exchanger pressure IN BUT - 1 (10) MPa (kgf / cm2)
diameter compounds IN BUT - 1 inch inner
weight (without Vod) kg, not more than - 512 kg
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Capacity, liter 3000
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