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Ti-heat accumulator 01 is used for efficient operation of the heating boiler for solid fuels, solar collectors and synchronizing the operation of all heat generators in the heating system.
On request to change the configuration of the heat accumulator (height, location of the pipes, etc.)

main advantages Ti-01 heat storage

- heat accumulator (buffer capacity) Ti-01 heat accumulates and distributes it to the consumers (radiators, floor heating, etc.) that allows the use of solid fuel boiler, for heating the coolant in the system, at a convenient time and less time

-. when using buffer tank Ti-01 solid fuel boiler is operated at optimum capacity by the complete combustion of fuel, and a buffer heat accumulating tank for further use, as a consequence of high efficiency and economy (fuel not smolder - giving a maximum heat), almost no residues of fuel in the boiler combustion chamber
- Increased longevity of solid fuel boiler, since the high temperature combustion of soot is not deposited on the wall of the combustion chamber, it also improves its ecological

-. Amplifies coal-fired boiler safe operation, excess heat It accumulates in the buffer tank, which makes it less likely to overheat the system

-. storage tank stores the heat energy from solar collectors for use at any time and makes it impossible for them to overheat

. - The buffer tank enables effective utilization of multiple heat sources (gas boiler, the boiler for solid fuels, solar systems, a fireplace with a water jacket, a heat pump, etc.) and is able to synchronize their operation.

specifications :
tank Capacity - 800 l
exchanger area (top / bottom) - 2.6 sq.m
diameter insulated - 950 mm Total height
legged - 2100 mm
capacity - 854 dm3, ± 5%
Area m eploobmena exchanger HO - 3.6 m2 Capacity heat exchanger
DK -22 dm3, ± 3%
Pressure exchanger HO - 1 (10) MPa (kgf / cm2)
diameter compounds HO - 1 inch inner
weight (without Vod) kg, not more than - 232 kg
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Capacity, liter 800
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