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Accumulator battery Victron Energy LiFePO4 12,8V/ 90Ah-BMS

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Victron Energy LFP -. Novation line of lithium iron phosphate battery development and production of Dutch company Victron Energy

LiFePO4 batteries are the safest type of lithium-ion battery. Rated voltage of the battery cell LFP - 3,2V, while, as the AGM VRLA accumulators have only 2B. High rated voltage characteristic elements LFP, allows for batteries with a voltage 12,8V, the structure which uses only the element 4, whereas batteries that have a voltage 25,6V comprise 8 elements.

lithium battery -iron-phosphate type have technical superiority over the types of AGM batteries, GEL and VRLA. The properties of the lithium-iron-phosphate batteries have the positive characteristic to be able to incomplete charge in the same hour as for AGM battery is extremely undesirable. Also one of the advantages of LiFePO4 batteries have greatly longer life in cyclic use.

High energy density in batteries LZHF gives an opportunity to save up to 70% of plant and 70% of the weight. This is very useful where small size is required, the functional power supply. Victron Energy the LFP batteries have large requirements to the charge and voltage.

LZHF (LiFePO4) batteries Victron Energy have the highest level of security among the wide range of lithium-ion battery. A characteristic advantage of the battery Victron Energy from other LIB, there is the fact that lithium iron phosphate battery is not afraid of a discharge to 0 or partial discharge.

With a partial charge the battery on the basis of LiFePO4 to the already long battery life . - up to 5000 cycles at a charge of 50%

There is also a positive side LZHF battery Victron Energy is necessary to carry a much larger range of operating temperatures, low internal resistance, high efficiency and long service life: from 2500 to 5000 cycles .

battery Manufacturer Victron Energy
Country battery manufacturer (Netherlands)
12.8 The capacity capacity at 25 ° C - 90 Ah capacity at 0 ° C - 72 Ah capacity at -20 ° C - 45 Ah battery
Type Lithium-iron-phosphate
battery Weight 16 kg
dimensions 249 * 293 * 168 mm
When the service life of charge of 80% - 2500 cycles at a charge of 70% - 3,000 cycles at a charge of 50% - 5,000 cycles
The warranty on battery 12 months
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