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Accumulator battery EverExceed ST- 6300

Factory ID: tmc0004525
Extremely powerful and compact lead-acid batteries EverExceed (sealed, maintenance-free, absorbed recombination type with electrolyte in the glass fiber separator - AGM VRLA) series ST (Standard Range) - perfect reliable autonomous power source for use in telecommunications and energy. It combines the requirements of the market with an optimal design, careful selection of components and materials, highly modern production technologies, which include, in particular, automatic sealing system, computer control of the filling of the battery electrolyte, temperature-controlled molding
processes wafers. Each battery capacity runs testing


Voltage (V) 6
rated capacity (Ah) 300
short-circuit current (A ) 6500
Internal resistance (m) 1,4
Termination Type F-M8
Length (mm) 295
Width (mm) 178
Height (mm) 345
Weight (kg) 47

1. Battery service life: 12 years (Set Mode for buffer at T = 20 ° C, U = 2,27 V / cell)
2. Batteries are supplied with rubber caps pole, and if necessary - with the connecting webs (type and value webs are discussed separately)
3.. The products are certified in Ukraine
4. Standard Warranty - 1 year
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Capacity, Ah 300
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