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Accumulator battery Challenger A12-70

Factory ID: tmc0005333
A12-70 battery for backup power, UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply, APC, UPC, security and fire systems and other equipment.
Batteries Challenger - lead-acid batteries started by AGM technology with safety valves are used for stationary applications. AGM (Absorbed_Glass_Mat) - an absorbent glass fiber. It is this type of the sealed battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed in the separators of fiberglass, which excludes its outflow. AGM-batteries do not require special ventilation or maintenance, the electrolyte in the battery is immobilized, sealed batteries, and can be handled and transported in accordance with the requirements of this type of battery. Challenger batteries are used to provide uninterrupted power and the quality of communication equipment, including external power supply during the breaks, and to ensure automatic startup and operation of its own power and electric plants. Conforms IEC Standards, BS, Eurobat, JIS. Service life - 12 years.

Voltage - 12 V
Capacity Ah - 70
Dimensions, mm - 350x167x174
Weight - 22.5 kg
discharge current, max,. A - 750 (5 sec)
internal resistance -6.5 milliohms
short circuit current, A - 1520
Operating temperature range: discharge: -20 ... + 60 ° C, charge: 0 ... + 50C, Storage: -20 ... +60
charge voltage (buf.rezhim) - 13,6-13,8V (25C)
equalizing charge mode and cycling - 14,6-14,8V (25C )
Self-discharge <3% / month ..
terminals - F11 (M6 screw)
housing ABS (UL94-HB). Available in UL94-V1 housing (on request)
positive electrode grid plate, lead dioxide
negative electrode grid of a lead-calcium-tin alloy
Lead - 99.998% purity
separator - glass
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Capacity, Ah 70
Price 4358.64