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EverExceed, as a world-class enterprise, established in 1985, has operations on six continents. We have established two research & development centers located in Manchester, UK & Shenzhen, China and manufacturing plants to offer customers high, cost-effective products and integrated energy solutions of the new generation.

EverExceed now offers a full range of industrial batteries (lead acid batteries, Nickel Cadmium batteries and lithium batteries), covering the wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, AGV to emergency lighting and security applications, and the full range of Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline Solar Modules combined with PWM / MPPT solar controllers, Grid-off / Grid-tied inverter, Power Electricity, Remote Area Electricity applications, as well as a full power protection line of uninterruptible power supplies, automated voltage regulators, industrial chargers (high frequency, SCR rectifiers). We also design and assemble both standard and customized energy storage solutions for customer's individual requirements.

EverExceed, as a worldwide professional energy / power products manufacturer, is proud of 30+ years manufacturing experience and its solid and professional teams in sales, marketing, R & D, manufacturing, who are offering innovative and eco-friendly products, excellent power efficiency solutions and value-added service.