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The Italian company DECA - one of the leading manufacturers of welding and starting and charging equipment for cars, has been operating in this market segment for more than 30 years. The task of DECA is the production of equipment meeting the highest world standards. DECA products are intended for such consumers as car maintenance and repair companies, machine building and construction companies, professional welders. For each of the above groups DECA offers a large selection of products of the highest quality, allowing to achieve the best results in work.
DECA constantly and actively monitors current trends in the world market and manages the production process in accordance with them. Having a well-developed network of representative offices and distributors in more than 100 countries, the company plays an important role in the world market.
Buying DECA products, you get much more than just equipment. You acquire a part of the technical know-how, experience and traditions of the company. The quality of DECA, well known around the world, is confirmed by the CE certificate and many other international certificates.

In our store you can see DECA start-up equipment from the Class Booster for charging 12 / 24V lead batteries, to the perfect Smart 3300 digital stations for charging lead, gel and nickel-cadmium batteries, as well as for starting engines.