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Electricity meter ACE 6000 кл.т. 1.0 220 / 380V 5 / 100A

SKU: tmc0006730
Three-phase electricity meters multifunctional new generation of ACE 6000 Production Corporation Itron (Aytron) previously Actaris (Actaris) are fully programmable electronic metering devices, providing, in addition to measuring the consumption of electrical energy and power, control and monitoring of the electrical network parameters.
< br /> The meter ACE 6000 direct connection (5-100A) can be used to account for consumption and power generation of household and commercial solar and wind power plants, i.e. under the "green tariff" complete with a GSM-modem Sparklet

Specifications electricity meter ACE 6000 (ACE 661):.
operating voltage range ACE 6000:

. from 3h57,7V to 3h240 / 415V
operating range of currents ACE 6000:

meter for direct connection 5A ... 100A

3 -x or 4-hprovodnoe switch, a method of incorporating programmable
accuracy ACE 6000:

counter direct switching accuracy class 1.0;
frequency:. 50 Hz
<. br /> Measured parameters:
• active, reactive and apparent energy and power in one or two directions;
• instant, minimum, maximum, mean square values ​​of the frequency, phase voltages and currents;
Counter ACE 6000 • Maximum number of measurement channels 10 and 10 for the energy for power;
• Monitoring of secondary circuits and voltage quality parameters
power integration period:

Programmable: 1. 2,3,5,10,12,15,20,30,60 mine . T
load Charts: Simultaneous recording of up to 16 (2x8) of independent channels, the integration period is programmable: 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30,60 and 1440 minutes.
The depth of information storage: depending on the number of recording channels integration period
Display ACE 6000.

The multi-segment LCD display, programmable sequence of messages
Communication interfaces ACE 6000. < br /> • 4 control outputs or 4 pulse telemetry output;
• RS-485 interface;
• Optical interface;
tariff options:
• 8 tariffs
• 16 switching times a day
• 24 daily schedule
• 12 seasons
• 100 individually programmable exceptions
dates • Automatic summer / winter time
Own consumption current circuits:. less than 0.1 VA
Power consumption in voltage circuits:. less than 1,9 VA and 0.7 W
Operating temperature range: -40 ° C ... + 60 ° C compliance with standards: IEC 62052-11, 62053-21-22-23 -31-61, 62056-21 (internal clock), EN 61358, CE mark standards
communication exchange standards:. IEC 62056-21, RS-485, DLMS-Cosem, IEC 62056.
Weight: no . more than 1.9 kg
Dimensions: 300h173h78 mm

communication protocol DLMS / COSEM
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