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Solar Collector PlusTerm SK-1

SKU: tmc0001149
Solar collectors Plus Term set in open spaces where there is unobstructed sunlight on the solar collector during the daylight hours. Solar collector Plus Term, any modifications are set at a certain angle to the horizon. The angle of the collector depends on the geographical latitude disposable object. As it is known the sun, passing one hour of light across the sky, changing its location from the previous 15 degrees. During the daylight hours the inclined angle of incidence of the radiant energy of the sun in the solar collectors is constantly changing, it is ambiguous effect on the performance of the energy component of solar collectors. Since a change in incidence light flux other than the right angle part of the light is reflected and goes into the atmosphere.

When using flat solar collectors Plus Term angle changes the light flux from the very time of day affects the efficiency of the solar collector. The greatest efficiency in flat collectors Plus Term observed in direct contact with the light flux on the absorbing surface of the solar collector. Maximum performance is possible in the afternoon, when the direct rays of the sun fall on the solar plane. Thereafter and until this flat solar collector efficiency decreases with increasing deflection of solar rays 90 degrees.

Plus Term Flat collectors are solid construction without gaps. Manifold body made of aluminum profile. Inside the housing is equipped with two absorber sheet of stainless steel. The back wall is formed of waterproof plywood bakelite thickness of 9 mm. Top collector closed supertransparency tempered glass 3.2 mm thick with a low iron content. Through side openings withdrawn fittings for connecting solar heating pipeline. The design allows the manifold piping connected to any convenient side

Possible installation methods:. on flat roofs or vertical wall on the ground by setting a special design unified form. To mount the manifold to the surface of an aluminum profile grooves are provided for mounting the fitting members and bolting. The design allows the collector to collect the necessary field collector aperture area.


Manufacturer PlusTer
Made in Ukraine

Type of collector Flat

How it works Under pressure

use mode-year

glass thickness 3.2 (mm)

The area of ​​2.12 (m)

2.0 absorber area (sq m)

1.87 aperture area (sq)

minimum operating ambient temperature -18.0 (deg.)

Maximum temperature Environmental 55.0 (deg.)

9.0 system capacity (liter)

Inclined mounting method

The angle of 45.0 (deg.)

The maximum capacity of 2000.0 (W)

1.5 Nominal pressure (bar)
< br />
6.0 Maximum pressure (bar)

The absorption coefficient of 95.0 (%)

dissipation factor 8.0 (%)

efficiency of at least 81.6 (%)

10.0 Lifetime (years)

The warranty period of 24 (months)


78.0 Weight (kg) < br />

Length 2070 mm

width 1070 mm

120.0 Thickness (mm) m

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