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Solar Collector Atmosfera CBK Twin Power®-20

SKU: tmc0003928
Collector CRS-Twin Power is effective for use in the all-seasons
mode. Collector efficiency - 95%. It has high performance
under conditions of low solar insolation. Insulation exchanger
65-75 mm. Aluminum collector frame to reduce the load on
supporting structures of the roof. The universal frame structure is designed for installation
reservoir to any type of roof from the horizontal to the vertical surface

Just unique design allows complete collector
photovoltaic module for the autonomous operation of the system <.. br /> specifications CRS-Twin Power
exchanger (Manifold)
internal heat exchanger Material Copper
diameter of the inner heat exchanger 45 mm
exchanger wall thickness 1.5 mm Diameter
sleeve 24 mm depth exchanger
exchanger sleeve 62 mm
output couplers for 3/4 BP wide bead under
union nut
insulation material mineral wool by treatment with vlagoottalkivayuschey
insulation thickness 65-75mm
distance between centers (tube) 80 mm
start angle shading (tube) 86 °
Material Aluminum topcoats
thickness of the outer coating of 0.2 mm
diameter "nests" of vacuum tubes 63 mm
depth "nests" Waku mnyh tubes of 37 mm diameter
temperature sensor sleeve 8 mm
the cup holders in the vacuum tube, with the lower detent
Color Silver
exchanger temperature sensor located on both sides
frame (Frame )
Installation flat, inclined, plumb
Having legs for fixing There
Material aluminum alloy aluminum alloy
metal thickness of 2 mm 2 mm
Vacuum tubes (tube) Heat pipe
lifetime of at least 25 years
Additional can be equipped with a universal set
mounts for mounting all types collector
vacuum tube Parameters Heat pipe
vacuum tubes (tube)
vacuum tube type Heat pipe
24.1 mm diameter capacitor with nickel-plated
capacitor height of 75 mm.
tube heat pipe diameter 8mm
Structure-glass tube with a concentric double-walled
glass quality borosilicate glass 3.3 (T-0,91)
Exterior tube diameter and wall thickness of ~ 58 +/- 0.7 mm, 2 mm
inner tube diameter and wall thickness of ~ 47 +/- 0.7 mm, 1.6 mm
tube length 1800mm
absorption area 0.08 m2
aperture area 0.093 m2 < br /> direct spray coating method
radiation absorption> 95% heat emission
<5% at 80 ° C
vacuum depth P <3h10-3 Ra
stagnation temperature 250 ° C
solar power to start efficient heat collection 0.77 kW / m2
average coefficient of thermal loss of 0.8 W / m2 * K
hail resistance <35 mm
Resistance overheating to 400 ° C
Stability to freeze to -50 ° C
Resistance to wind up to 30 m / s
Weight 2.29 kg +/- 0.18 kg
time to start no more than 10 minutes
start temperature 30 ° C
service life of at least 15 years.
Model (code) CRS-Twin Power-20
number of tubes (pieces. ) 20
* Peak power, W 1357
aperture area (m2) 1,87
absorption area (m2) 1,6
capacity of the heat exchanger (l) 2, 63
H (mm) W (mm) S (mm) Weight 2020h1640
to 83 g
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