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UPS (OFF-Line) FX703А (48V)

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UPS FORT Series FX - backup power device with high efficiency, as well as modern architecture, designed for power supply 220V 50 Hz from the DC single-phase consumers. . Uninterruptible power supply (inverter) FORT series are designed to provide uninterrupted power supply various home and special equipment in case of failure or network output voltage ranges for Safety

Examples of use:
- Household and specialized boilers
- Integrated uninterrupted power supply of cottages and private houses
- Pumps and pumping stations
- refrigerators, compressors
- heating systems
- Industrial automation
- Computers data centers
- Banking Equipment
- TV systems, audio equipment
- Miscellaneous domestic and special equipment
- communication systems and radio

UPS FORT FX series allows you to switch your load on the battery during , which prevents the output equipment failure or malfunction in its operation.

Features UPS series FORT:
- Output Waveform - Pure Sine wave
- Modern automatic chargers
- High efficiency Full Machine
- High reliability The "cold" start of
- Ability to create a pass-through "0" during installation -. to provide support for all types of home appliances

An important feature of the UPS FORT FX series is unlimited time. Elapsed time of the battery will depend on what you set capacity battery. UPS FORT FX series has proven itself as the best UPS for domestic gas boilers and integrated uninterruptible power supply of cottages and private houses (mainly the requirements for uninterruptible power supply systems for gas boilers is the shape of the output voltage, which should be the correct sine wave). UPS FORT FX series effectively used for emergency power supply various types of equipment critical to the shape of the supply voltage (sine wave). For example, it may be a gas-fired boilers (are composed of motors), which do not work well (can fail) from the non-sinusoidal voltage, so the power of this kind of equipment, these devices are more suitable than conventional UPS systems. Most household appliances (except for appliances with pulsed power sources, such as televisions, computers) work better when the input voltage is sinusoidal. Devices, having in its composition power transformer is also better to supply the sinusoidal voltage since if they feed voltage meander shape, very high probability of failure of the transformers

momentary maximum load power, W (RA) -.
7000 watts nominal power of the load, W (RA) - 6000 W
external voltage source (battery), V - 48V
range of input voltages, without switching to battery, 150 -...
technology of constructing an output voltage - OFF-LINE
Charger device - automatic 3-stage by Vubridzhu
maximum charge current of the battery - 10A
recommended maximum battery capacity - 4 pcs battery 200Ach 12B not stability of the output voltage during battery operation,%, no more than - 0,5%
Often output voltage in battery Hz - 50 Hz +/- 0,5
Form output signal - Pure Sine. THD less than 5%
switching time during loss of mains voltage, no more msec - 12-20 msec
Efficiency,% - 90-92
stabilization voltage - no
Through zero - have
indication - LEDs, displays information (network battery load) Cooling - active, fan
dimensions WxHxD - 420h150h420
Weight kg - 12
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